Q MAC Bagging Chute

If your silo is fitted with an auger or conveyor a bagging chute is highly recommended for filling a bag, bucket or barrow

Q MAC Weighing House

The Weighing House Silo is a house kitted out with feed weighing equipment. Normally positioned in front of large silos and feed is conveyed in where it can be weighed out accurately for excellent farm management and feeding programs.

Q MAC Anti-Bridge Vibrator

An anti-bridge vibrator can be fitted to a reinforced panel which is normally wired to an auger to vibrate the silo when the auger is working. This helps to keep meal flowing when emptying to reduce bridging in a silo.

Q MAC Weigh Cells

This allows you to accurately monitor the quantity of product delivered and used. For accurate farm management Weigh Cells are highly recommended.

Q MAC Vision Panel

The removable vision panel give a great visual of how you’re silo is emptying, also can be removed for inspection reasons